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We carry out a full cycle of works on the implementation and development of industrial automation systems: from an automated process control system for individual plants and workshops to integrated information systems for dispatch, analysis and optimization of production.

Competent analysts, experienced developers, transparent project management processes, proven equipment and software, experience in solving a wide variety of tasks in the field of automation - a guarantee of quality and prompt fulfillment of your requirements.

We will involve in the projects experienced developers and analysts who are able to find the optimal solution to the tasks.

We build clear project management processes to meet deadlines, optimize costs and fulfill your technical requirements.

We offer the most advanced, time-tested technologies and solutions in the field of software and hardware automation.

We carry out all work on the creation of automated systems - from consulting and design to installation, commissioning and service.


We offer a set of solutions to combine the management of technological, production and business processes in the framework of holistic production management systems.

APCS - Automated process control system

Our company is engaged in the design of new process control systems and rekonstruiruem existing automated process control systems.

Creation and implementation of automated process control systems in various industries:

  • pharmaceutical;
  • nutritional;
  • oil and gas production;
  • chemical;
  • and other industrial enterprises.

ASCAE - Automatic system control and accounting energy

Our company in the framework of the creation of ASCAE performs the full range of works to create a system:< / p>

  • planing;
  • construction and installation works;
  • commissioning works;
  • metrology;
  • training;
  • commissioning.

ASCAG - Automated system for commercial accounting of gas consumption

Our company performs the design of a commercial gas metering system, construction and installation work, further maintenance of gas metering stations (UG) and verification of measuring instruments at the request of the Customer.

SCADA-systems for automatic control and collection of information

Our SCADA systems will help you to solve the following tasks:

  • data exchange with industrial controllers and I/o cards) in real time;
  • real-time information processing;
  • logic control;
  • display information on the monitor screen in a convenient and understandable form for a person;
  • maintaining a real-time database with technological information;
  • alarm and alarm management;
  • preparation and generation of process reports;
  • implementation of network interaction between SCADA-stations (computers);
  • provide communication with external applications (DBMS, spreadsheets, word processors, etc.).
The official one and only representative of the SICK company.


The official one and only representative of the SICK co...

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Production Information Management System (PIMS)


Production Information Management System (PIMS)

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