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The volumes of gas according to the standard, as well as the testimony of an obsolete gas meters having high measurement error, do not reflect actual consumption, which is disadvantageous in the first place by the subscribers, which are charged excessive losses of this energy resource.

The installation of meters and implementation of the enterprise automated system of control and metering of gas (GAZ) allows to determine more precisely the stated figures for the gas system, quickly identify and resolve the facts of overrun gas, to analyze the reasons for the occurrence of similar situations, to execute individual control of technological equipment.

Designed to:

  • technical accounting of industrial gas consumption;
  • operational control over the use of process gases;
  • analysis of gas consumption by divisions of the enterprise;
  • identification of discrepancies between the declared and actual consumption of gases and prompt elimination of the causes of overspending.

To increase the reliability of accounting for natural gas consumption, as well as to ensure the stability of the gas supply system, the introduction of ASG with the equipment of consumers with metering devices and gas supply control devices is designed.

Thanks to the introduction of an automated system of commercial gas metering, data on gas consumption, the occurrence of emergency situations through the channels of telemetry system installed on the gas metering units (uug), will instantly arrive at the control station of the subscriber site and LLC "Blue Star Group".

Functions of the system of commercial accounting:

  • centralized data collection from gas metering units;
  • monitoring the current state of objects;
  • issuance of data and exchange of analytical information with other data collection systems and programs for payment calculation;
  • control of interference in the operation of metering units;
  • preparation of analytical information, reports, protocols;
  • protection of information from unauthorized access.

In LLC Blue Star Group carry out design of system of the commercial accounting of gas, construction and installation works, further maintenance of metering stations of gas (uug) and verification of SI at the request of the Customer.

A complete list of works on implementation includes:

  • development of design and estimate documentation;
  • sale of counters (with pulse output) to subscribers;
  • installation of telemetry system for gas meters;
  • installation of data collection and transmission cabinets, instrumentation and automation panels with grounding of this equipment in accordance with the existing regulations and the requirements of the operating instructions of the measured equipment;
  • organization of workplaces for remote reading of gas flow metering units in the premises of the territorial section;
  • commissioning of the installed equipment.

When implementing projects, specialists of the project Department of Blue Star Group LLC provide assistance in the selection of gas measuring equipment, taking into account the characteristics of each consumer.

All work is carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the current regulatory and technical documentation regarding gas metering units.

Over the years, we have accumulated considerable experience in the development and creation of Automated Systems of Technical and commercial energy Accounting (astue). The specialists of our company were directly involved in the creation of such systems both on the scale of one object and in the creation of centralized systems for collecting and analyzing information on energy consumption at geographically distributed facilities.

Functions of our system:

  • automatic data collection of commercial accounting of electricity consumption (supply) for each point (group) of accounting at specified commercial intervals;
  • storage of accounting parameters in the database;
  • provision of multi-tariff accounting of electricity consumption (supply);
  • monitoring compliance with the limits of power;
  • output of the calculated parameters to the terminal and / or to the printing device at the request of the operator;
  • maintaining a single system time with the ability to adjust it.

We offer a comprehensive approach to the construction of AMR system:

  • project development;
  • supply of equipment from manufacturers;
  • construction and installation works of experienced specialists;
  • commissioning with a guarantee of quality;
  • commissioning of the system;
  • technical support of systems.

LLC Blue Star Group within creation of ASKUE carries out all complex of works on creation of system:

  • design;
  • construction and installation works;
  • start-up operations;
  • metrology;
  • personnel training;
  • commissioning.

All technical and software solutions are tested and tested in the complex modeling center of AMR on the basis of existing equipment before the implementation of the system at the Customer.

The automated system of dispatching control (ASDU) is necessary for control of the engineering equipment spaced territorially, and also located in hard-to-reach places. As a rule, dispatching is included in the control system of multifunctional objects with complex engineering infrastructure, such as office buildings, shopping centers, as well as industrial complexes and other industrial enterprises.

We provide professional design and installation of dispatching systems that provide fully independent Autonomous process control and equipment protection. The Manager can assess the current state of the system in two ways: through a special control panel or from a computer through a local network.

We provide the following dispatching system services:

  • electricity, gas;
  • heat and water supply, energy accounting;
  • security and fire alarm, fire extinguishing and smoke removal systems;
  • ventilation and air conditioning;
  • video surveillance, access control;
  • lift facilities and others.

Dispatching and automation systems can be provided in one complex with engineering equipment. Individual design is possible, taking into account additional requirements of the customer.

We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure operational dispatching of all engineering systems directly responsible for the life of the building:

  • electrosupply;
  • ventilation;
  • heat supply (including ITP-individual heating units and boiler plants);
  • Sewerage and water supply;
  • cold supply;
  • fire protection;
  • indoor and outdoor lighting at the facility.

Automation and dispatching of engineering systems solves the following tasks:

  • management of all engineering systems of the facility and timely full control of their current status;
  • creating the most comfortable conditions;
  • the reduction in operating costs of the building, thanks to the adoption of energy efficient comprehensive solutions;
  • reduction of water, gas and electricity consumption costs.

LLC Blue Star Group renders services of maintenance of ACS TP, including a complex of the actions directed on maintenance of the automated systems in proper working condition.

The maintenance of APCS includes:

  • control of all parameters of the equipment in accordance with the specified specifications;
  • diagnostics of equipment condition in order to prevent emergency situations;
  • carrying out preventive measures to maintain the working condition of the APCS with optimal technical and economic indicators of their work.

Maintenance of ACS TP aims to produce timely preventive maintenance and preventive maintenance.

To ensure a full range of works, the company offers maintenance services of APCS, which are produced using modern equipment. The certificate allowing work on design of the automated systems and their further service on production objects of various areas of the industry.

We guarantee qualified maintenance, which will make the operation of the process control system the most efficient.

OOO "Blue Star Group" designs and implements the automation of calorific points, capable of regulating the heating depending on the outside temperature. Automation can significantly save energy and increase comfort in heated rooms.

Automation depends on the weather

The principle of operation of the system of automation of thermal points is based on continuous automatic adjustment of the output thermal capacity of power plants. Settings are adjusted based on the prevailing outdoor temperature conditions in a certain period of time.

Automation on a schedule

Automation of heat points can work according to the schedule. For this purpose, the service personnel set the time parameters and the corresponding temperature conditions of the thermal equipment. Schedule and parameters of power plants are set depending on the time of day, working hours, holidays and weekends.

Dispatching of heating systems

Automation of heat points gets the greatest efficiency at introduction of system of dispatching. This is a set of hardware and software that allows real-time control and centralized control of all available on-site engineering systems.

This automation is relevant for heating communications, ventilation, air conditioning and other engineering systems of the building. Its application allows to spend energy resources more economically, to save on the maintenance of service specialists, to ensure safety, optimal microclimate and to respond quickly to emergency situations.

When automating heating stations, we use the most advanced automation systems!

The predominant features of automation at Blue Star Group

  • simple settings, easy to use;
  • intuitive interface;
  • reliability and flexibility that allow you to configure the system in different optimal modes;
  • adjustable level of access, limiting unauthorized access in order to change the engineering settings of the system.

The quality of settings makes automated systems and their components are guaranteed reliable and durable in operation.

LLC Blue Star Group carries out production, and also Assembly of control cabinets and automatic equipment on projects of own development or on the basis of project documentation of the customer.

Complex solution

Assembly of control cabinets is carried out by specialists with the provision of a full range of works:

  • design of control and automation boards;
  • manufacturer of automation panels;
  • equipment delivery;
  • Assembly of automation cabinets;
  • installation work;
  • testing;
  • start-up operations;
  • warranty service of manufactured automation panels.

We carry out Assembly of cases of automatic equipment and management of own production, namely:

  • control boards (SHU);
  • automation panels (CONDUCTIVE);
  • boards of direct current (SHPT).

Assembly of control boards of automation of own development and production includes also installation services:

  • distribution boards (SHR);
  • water-distributing devices (VRU) for power supply without interruptions;
  • shields lighting (SL);
  • automatic input (ATS);
  • main switchboards (main switchboards).

OOO "Blue Star Group" offers services in designing and implementation of BMS that allow you to effectively manage all engineering complex object from a single control point and to save a significant share of raw material costs.

The effectiveness of APMS

When operating buildings equipped with ACS, you save up to 30% of gas, electricity, heat, water and human resources!

The principle of ACS-centralized management of engineering equipment from the control room. Their systems are designed to monitor the operation of the equipment, as well as to promptly assess and prevent accidents.

With us you provide yourself with:

  • constancy of climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, lighting);
  • adjustment of climatic parameters depending on weather conditions;
  • control of movement of people and safety of processes.

Design and implementation of APMS

Design of automation of engineering systems of buildings by specialists of LLC Blue Star Group has a number of advantages:

  • apply advanced software products Bluer Star Group;
  • automation applies to all engineering systems of the building, including ventilation, heating, air conditioning, lighting, security systems, management of other objects, such as blinds.

The applied system of equipment and software allow to introduce systems for automation of buildings of shopping malls, banks, medical institutions, industrial enterprises, housing settlements of townhouses and other objects.

OOO "Blue Star Group" is designing a new control system and rekonstruiruet existing systems of automatic control of technological processes.

We create and implement automated process control systems in various industries:

  • pharmaceutical;
  • nutritional;
  • oil and gas production;
  • chemical.

Development of process control systems for the purpose of reconstruction is carried out in case of need to change the technological cycle, to expand or reduce production capacities, as well as in case of physical or moral deterioration of the equipment.

For the implementation of such projects, the most modern technologies and automation tools are used; Siemens controllers, SCADA software, allowing to create automated systems of any complexity.

Stages of designing APCS

ACS design and reconstruction begins with a survey of the reconstructed object. On the basis of the analysis of the purposes and inquiries of the customer our experts carry out:

  • recommendations for choosing the most optimal development of ACS TP;
  • is a technical job;
  • select complex software and hardware equipment;
  • coordination of the project with the customer and budgeting.

Design of process control systems is carried out in accordance with the financial capabilities of the customer, so we select the optimal software and hardware complex, offering a system of phased implementation of automated systems.

The scope of our services includes the development of design and working documentation. At the request of the customer we carry out the examination of industrial safety and all stages of approval.

We guarantee:

We employ highly qualified specialists and use technologically advanced tools that guarantee you:

A high degree of efficiency and reliability of objects.

No problems with installation and commissioning.

At the request of the customer is carried out full support of the project and the implementation of the development by our own specialists. When ordering support services and installation works, the customer receives a discount on the design development.

LLC Blue Star Group solves problems of modernization of already working systems of automation. In the case of physical or moral aging of the equipment, the complexity of maintenance of obsolete equipment, changes in the process, the expansion of production, we offer the best solutions for the replacement of equipment.

Thanks to many years of experience, our specialists successfully develop ACS of any complexity with visualization and dispatching on the basis of SCADA system, which allows to solve the following tasks:

  • collection and processing of information in real time;
  • exchange of information data between controllers;
  • transfer of information to the operator panel.

Implementation of dispatching systems allows to carry out:

  • automatic control of all types of technological processes;
  • preparation of all types of reports;
  • keeping statistics of measurements, emergencies and other events.

Design of SCADA systems is carried out by engineers with extensive professional experience. We carry out orders as soon as possible without compromising the quality of performance. Our design Department will carry out engineering works, select equipment for automation of technological process, make working and project documentation, will carry out architectural supervision.

We develop automation systems of different types on the basis of instrumental software: MasterSCADA, MasterPLC, OPC servers, OpenSCADA, Rapid SCADA, FreeSCADA, scada-Guinness, Inductive Automation Ignition.

Works are performed in full or in parts, for example:

  • inspection of objects, development of concepts and technical solutions;
  • preparation of project and working documentation;
  • manufacture of automation cabinets;
  • application software development;
  • programming the controllers;
  • adjustment works;
  • training of Customer's personnel;
  • system maintenance during operation.

We develop the following types of systems:

  • APCS both local and vertically integrated distributed;
  • dispatching and monitoring systems;
  • systems of commercial and technical accounting of resources;
  • building automation system;
  • enterprise technology data consolidation systems (MES).

Supervisory control and data acquisition software package designed to develop or provide real-time systems for collecting, processing, displaying and archiving information about the object of monitoring or control.

SCADA can be a part of APCS, AMR, environmental monitoring system, scientific experiment, building automation and other systems.

SCADA-systems are used in all sectors of the economy, where it is required to provide operator control of technological processes in real time by installing on computers special software that uses I/o drivers or OPC / DDE servers to communicate with the object.

The code is written in different programming languages (for example, C++) or generated directly in the design environment.

Our SCADA systems will help you to solve the following tasks:

  • data exchange with industrial controllers and I/o cards) in real time;
  • real-time information processing;
  • Logic control;
  • display information on the monitor screen in a convenient and understandable form for a person;
  • maintaining a real-time database with technological information;
  • alarm and alarm management;
  • preparation and generation of process reports;
  • implementation of network interaction between SCADA-stations (computers);
  • provide communication with external applications (DBMS, spreadsheets, word processors, etc.).

Thanks to the SCADA system, you will be able to provide a reliable environment for the operation of SCADA applications, taking into account the specifics of their operation. Connect security systems of remote objects to the Central console of the security system. Install the video surveillance system of the remote object to the Central point of video surveillance and arrange telephone communication with the remote object.

Technological design

Architectural and construction design

Fire extinguishing systems

Automation systems

Water supply systems

Sewerage systems

Power supply systems

Communication and alarm systems

Preparation of manuals and guides

Inspection and technical audit of automation facilities

Development of technical specifications for the creation of APCS

Design of automation system

Selection, manufacture, supply industrial control equipment

Development of application software and commissioning of the APCS equipment

Creation of SCADA systems for monitoring and remote control of continuous processes

Construction and installation work on the installation of industrial control equipment

Commissioning of APCS

Integration of local automation systems

Development of technical documentation of APCS

Training of personnel on operation of APCS

Regime adjustment, testing of thermal equipment

Our service specialists take care of the entire organization from planning to the execution and maintenance of your hydraulic system.

Commissioning of hydraulic pumps, valves, pressure accumulators, hydraulic systems is carried out by our experts, regardless of manufacturer!

Engineering and survey works

Technical support of expertise and supervision

Free consultations and technical and commercial offers